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The Grateful Green: I have finally given up my last vice. 0

Jennifer Montgomery discusses how she got rid of a vice.

Jennifer Montgomery discusses why she finally got rid her last vice.

I can admit it. I’ve had a terrible vice for most of my life.

Here’s the scoop.


McDonald’s Coke.


That delicious, fizzy, sugary concoction – I LOVE IT!


I really love it. And…it’s bad, bad, bad.

I know this.

I’ve always known this.

Yet, when my belly (gastroparesis) wouldn’t accept anything else, a foamy, yummy Coke from McDonald’s always made my psyche feel better, (if not my belly). And so I just allowed myself to have a few sips on a regular basis (ok…daily).

Did ya catch that….daily.

“It’s OK, I NEVER drink the whole damn thing!  I only have a few sips.” I’d silently shout at myself.

And then…

It all came to an end.


One unsuspecting day a couple weeks ago, I cruised through the drive-thru ordering my soda and saying hello to all the familiar people, and I took a swig as I pulled out into traffic.

60 seconds later, I’m experiencing “knife like” pain. The kind of pain I can’t breath though, talk through, and I certainly can’t drive though. My body had finally said enough was enough.

Now please understand, this is the last thing I have to eradicate from my diet. I have removed everything yummy thing that I have ever loved (alfredo sauce anyone?), from my daily eating patterns, and I eat as healthy as I’ve EVER eaten in my life.  I finally had to grow up and deal with this disease, yet, this one thing slipped through the cracks.

I know soda is bad.

Bad, bad, bad.

But I continued justifying why it was OK.

I kept telling myself a fluffy fictional story that the little bit of soda I put in my belly wasn’t going to hurt anything. And I loved this thinking! But I can’t deny, at the same time I had this weird sensation. That knowing we get when something isn’t quite right about our thinking…but we don’t want to deal with it just yet.

Well, at this moment. I was going to deal with it. I had no choice but to deal with it.

Good grief. Cancel the day.

Reach for my positivity because I’m going to need it.

Get the heating pad.

Get the cold washcloth.

I wonder if I remember anything from that breathing class I took when I was pregnant, I sure could use some breathing skills right about now.

It turned into a “hunker down and survive” sort of day. Which, I am happy to report, I survived!  And I came out on the other side with a realization that it’s finally time to kick the last of the bad habits to the curb.

It’s been almost 2 weeks now.

Coke is great, but it’s just Coke.

I don’t seem to be having any real difficulties in making this change (thank God), as the pain I experienced with my beloved Coke felt like a kidney stone…about a 2 pounder. And if all I have to do is NOT drink Coke to avoid that horrendous pain, sign me up.

So here’s to finally giving up the last of my bad habits! And being brave enough to try some new things, and maybe…fall in love with some fun, sugar-free, fizz-free ways of drinking (and eating).

Keeping smiling!

Jennifer Montgomery

Gastroparesis Inspirational Speaker


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