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The Flawless Executive: Music To My Ears 0

It’s 12:54am, Sunday night, or more accurately Monday morning – and I’m still going strong. The Bee Gee’s are blasting in my headphones as I sit in the tub working on my website (ah….the joys of being self employed). Isn’t it simply amazing how music can effect your level of production…or in my case sustain my energy level? [with the right playlist, of course].
For those youngsters reading the post, the Bee Gee’s were a group of men [#70’sboyband] who sang like women –[sopranos with a capitol “S”]…and their songs had lyrics like,

“I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk”.  I tell the truth. (How do you sing this line with a straight face?)

It’s amazing how the begining of the song “Staying Alive” sends my mind straight to the foot tapping hip thrusting walk of John Travolta on a sidwalk in Brooklyn with a can of paint in his hand as Saturday Night Fever takes us back to the 70’s. It was the ultra cool version of Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Cotter. It was way before my time, in an era of Halston dresses and floors that lit up in time with music. And as a 5 year old kid…I thought it was better than fireworks.
I was just a kid when that was popular and I still remember little details that should have never stuck in my mind at that age. For some crazy reason, these images combined with the right ‘disco type’ music [that…ahem… I would never listen to during non-working hours, I’m a tried and true 80’s girl people.]…this combination hits the powerzone in my brain – and my body better hold and for the ride, because a tidal wave of creative energy is about to hit.

If I get the songs spaced out correctly, I can sustain a level of focus that would make the average “ADD stricken adult” jealous as a school girl. Now, folks, I’m sure I have a nice helping of ADD attached to my psyche somewhere, and it rears it’s ugly head “all the time”. But, if I work the music just right…I can do a “pure biohack” on my brain and get it tapping my toes and making my fingers move like lightening over my keyboard.
I call it “the surge”, many people call it the flow – the zone – my son calls it “putting the helmet on”…whatever you call it, we all know what it is.
That dynamic force that takes hold of body and mind and hours later you emerge with something to show for it. Whether your creative juices “took off”, or you found yourself getting organized and knocking items off your “to do list”…you were mentally in that place “where things happen”.

The surge – the feeing of creative timelessness.

And eventually the moment hits when you mentally break away, and your eyes finally seek a clock because you have no idea how much time has actually gone by. I chose to jump into my start-up so I could find a way to access “the surge” as often as possible. After 17 years of playing by all the rules of corporate life, I have finally given myself permission to discover “the surge”, and stay there for as long as I am physically and mentally able. What a highlight! I had no idea I could push as hard as I am for as long as I have been and still be overflowing with creative energy.

Scared. Yes. Broke as hell. Oh yeah. Full of piss an vinegar? Most definitely.

Most importantly, I’m growing more at this exact moment than I have in years. The trainer (me), has yet again become the student. It isn’t until you throw your entire life “on the line” (gastroparesis and all) that you learn just how much you don’t know. But I also feel more alive than I’ve felt in years. And yes, everyday feels like I’m cramming for finals.

You will find I reference this “surge state” often, as I feel it is truly what separates the excellent from the average. What have you given yourself permission to do lately? When is the last time “the surge” was front and center in your life and took you for a ride? Tell me about it.

Now excuse me, I hear Earth Wind and Fire calling my name….it is September, after all.

Jennifer Montgomery


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