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Jennifer Montgomery “Live” in Salem, Oregon 0

Jennifer Montgomery is a walking, talking, factory of inspiration.

Here latest workshop “Thriving With A Condition “Live“, is being held in Salem, Oregon, at the Broadway Commons.

For 5 Fridays, starting January 13th, Jennifer will be taking her audience through an emotional experience that leaves them feeling exhilarated, and excited for the future.

Whether looking to lose weight, deal with a medical diagnosis, overcome a phobia, move past an addiction, or it’s time to deal with the nagging medical condition that finally requires your attention (and perhaps action!)…Jennifer will show you how your thinking creates everything in your life.

She’s a master at creating energy!  Her training sinks into your soul and gets your juices flowing.

Each Friday session starts at 6:30PM and concludes at 8:00PM.  That’s a 90 minute infusion of energy into your psyche!

She’s brief, bold, and brilliant.  Her concepts and techniques she will change your life!

Live event in Salem, OR, Jan. 13th.  Click here for details!

The Broadway Commons

1300 Broadway St, NE

Salem, OR  97303

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