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Flawless Executive:  An Oxymoron at it’s finest.

I am an excellent executive with flaws up the wazoo! After years of earning my stripes in “Corporate America”, I have ventured out into the world of entreprenuers. This is my daily blog that captures my flaws at their “finest and funniest”, and my successes and wins as I take my training company [Wip Business Training] out into “the real world”.

“It’s a jungle out there. I hope they’re ready for me”.
Jennifer Montgomery

My flaws are “many” including my health.
The healthiest bone in my body is my funny bone, and I rely on it heavily. The rest of me [healthwise] sucks swamp water. I have a rare disease called gastroparesis, which means my belly is paralyzed and doesn’t process food very well. Which equates to some crazy professional experiences when you are in the middle of launching a company.  I have never let my health slow me down, and most people would never guess I deal with an incurable disease.  I don’t sweat it.  My positivity runs too deep to let anything stop me.

I am a trainer by nature and “I connect with your soul” in the professional world. What does that mean? When you experience one of my trainings, there will be times when I speak to your soul. Yep, sounds crazy huh? But it’s totally true.

This blog wil be inspirational, funny, empowering, and full of the chaos that makes business and life so much fun.

Remember, it’s not what you do next week that’s important, it’s what you do in the next hour that can change your life.

Jennifer Montgomery

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