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Have You Stayed In Your Job Too Long? 0

Many of you know the feeling.

You can’t take it any more…you have been locked into the “same job” for too long. You need to make a change at work…and you’re mind has been circling around this decision for ages.

You may feel restless, irritated, or under appreciated and….something inside says, “you have to get out of here”.

Some of us will come to this decision quickly, when we find ourselves in the wrong job, at the wrong time of our life and it’s obvious as the nose on our face. I DON’T FIT HERE. Wrong position, wrong co-workers, wrong environment for me and my health just won’t hack it, IT’S ALL TERRIBLY WRONG. You think – no biggie…I’m outta here.

Others, (me included), will take years to make this decision. Grinding away. Thinking positive, going the extra mile…hammering away at goals, expectations, benchmarks, and quotas. Pushing ourselves exceptionally hard – to JUST MISS the bonus, the pay raise, the promotion, the “whatever” it is for you….you miss by a smidge.

When you “just miss it” too many times in a row and you can’t deal with this nonsense anymore, there comes a time when your psyche finally allows you to make a decision. And the decision is – GO. And don’t dilly dally about it.

You see, once you make the decision to “exit stage left” (so to speak) and get a different job. Your energy does a complete shift.

Oh sure, you can and will fake it…but the reality is, you are already starting to “check out” – or…at the very least, you are seriously considering lowering your expectations of your performance at this moment. Either way, your energy is changing. (This is the natural byproduct of focusing your thoughts on your future.)

Once this decision has finally been made, you need to “ride it like a rented mule”. Get on it, and stay on it until you have made some new connections and have some leads. Start making progress immediately on your exit strategy. If you allow yourself to get caught up in a project – procrastination could set back in.  Don’t let that happen! Stay up late, get up early, make whatever time necessary….and for crying out loud – get excited! Decide what the first step is…and then take action on it. Don’t think about taking action – just slide right into motion – and do the most important “first step”.

Keep reminding yourself – decision made, done deal.

Celebrate the fact that you don’t have to think about it anymore!

You have empowered yourself, and you made a choice to move in a different direction. Now find your sense of urgency and follow this feeling. Begin the process of creating your new opportunities.

We all know when we have stayed at a job too long. If we can’t see it while we’re grinding away day after day, we always see it once we leave.

It never fails, without exception, when an adjustment or change happened in my life, I looked back on it (yes, sometimes I’m hard-headed it took years to fully sink in) and knew the change was for the best. Even the mistakes had underlying lessons (they always do). Lessons I had to learn in order to propel myself forward. To walk my path.

Many of us make employment changes for relationships reasons, health reasons, emotional reasons, financial reasons; the last time you made a professional change, did you do it quickly, or did it take you years to decide to go in a different direction?

Remember, it’s not what you do next week…it’s what you do in the next hour that can change you life.

Jennifer Montgomery

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