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GP: Loving Your Belly 1

It’s so easy to resent your body when it doesn’t cooperate….

I can remember sitting in my rocking chair, fighting back waves of nausea and looking down at my belly thinking “how could you do this to me?  How could you just up and quit working?!” The frustration we can feel when sickness “stops us in our tracks” is very real.

However, the more frustrated and negative we get, the worse we feel.  This isn’t a disease where “sometimes” we feel bad.  The sickness and pain change and progress hour by hour. Somedays we just “hold on for the ride”, and it can get difficult to keep a positive perspective.

Once I realized I was doing myself more harm than good [by letting the negative feelings take over], I was able to force my mind back to positive things.  Anytime I started getting angry or frustrated — I’d force myself to focus on somethig positive.  After doing this over and over, for weeks and months…I have pretty much chased all the negativity out of my psyche.

Oh sure, I have my meltdowns (don’t we all), but they don’t last very long.  I have learned to just let my mini-meltdowns take place, and then I move along like it never even happened.  I don’t harbor those thoughts or feelings any more.  I just let it wash over and off of me.

Take a look at this video, maybe it will help you look at your current situation with a sightly different perspective.

Here’s to really chewing our food!

Jennifer Montgomery

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