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I could be called a leadership expert or even a inspiring speaker, but the truth of the matter is….like you, I’ve seen life defined in many different ways.  Is it inner motivation and positive thinking?  Is it power suits and panty hose?  Is success only attainable when you put your family first?  Is achievement meant for only those hard charging, business-minded folks?  Can a work at home parent have the same level of success as a corporate executive?  Is it possible to call the shots in our own lives?  What’s the story?

With over 20 years of sales training, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, my view is radically different.  I believe leadership is not only a habit, but an excellent platform from which anything can be accomplished.

My fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques allow me to connect with my audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Prior to launching WipGirl.com, I achieved a tremendous amount of hard earned success in corporate america.  At a top 5 bank, I was recognized as Regional Manager of the Year for two years in a row, and was ranked in the top 3 of all Regional Managers for my entire management career at the executive level. Prior to making an impact at the exec level, I created huge momentum in the trenches and on the street with my sales teams.  My hands on, roll my sleeves up and get to work approach, created immediate and quantifiable results.

My staff was split between salaried support team members and a 100% commission sales force during the entirety of my career.  I quickly learned there was a huge and fundamental difference in the attitudes and belief systems between my sales force and my support staff.  To get results, training had to be different.  Communication had to be tailored to the audience I was speaking to in order to receive the best performance.  It was truly a knowledge based–baptism by fire, and I did well.  I’ve also been burned.  Such is life.  I find, I learn way more from my burns than I ever did from my successes.  

From a personal standpoint, I am a cancer survivor (Thank you God). I suffer from a disease called gastroparesis (which means my belly is paralyzed), but I have mastered it and live a very productive life.  And it seems I am constantly slaying personal and professional dragons along the way.  In my opinion, illness doesn’t mean you stop moving forward with life…you simply adjust and keep right on going. 

I am now launching my own company with my husband and partner, Jim.  Our soul purpose for starting WipGirl is to connect with our audience and help people work through personal and professional challenges.  More so, my style is crazy, funny, honest and most importantly accurate.  I don’t believe in giving folks a bunch of fluff.  I much prefer to roll my sleeves up and get to work.  Giving you exactly what you need to move forward.

When we decided to start our company I firmly believed we had to give first.  We started feeding the homeless underneath a bridge in downtown Salem the week we started WipGirl.  Voila!  WipGirl Wednesdays was born!  Now we stop work at noon every Wednesday and prepare enough food for 150+ people who show up with hungry belly’s under the bridge.  It is hands down the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.  My husband and I feel like we are truly making an impact.  The truth is…these less fortunate people are the ones making the impact on us.  These people have changed my life and more importantly my thinking….in dozens of surprising ways.

I have three amazing kids Zane 12, Kyle 18, and Ariel 24.  I have been married three times and have racked up enough crazy stories to keep people entertained and in stitches for weeks.  I am a speaker, blogger, and most importantly I create professional training courses that take you from feeling like “What the heck do I do?”….to….”Oh yeah that was all me!” – in as short a time span as possible.

I am a firm believer in changing your mindset before taking action can solve the majority of life’s problems and I focus my creative energies on helping people live life with a different perspective.  A change of perspective can change the direction of your life.

 “It’s amazing what you can change in an astonishingly short period of time.”

Jennifer Montgomery

Author and Inspirational Trainer

Thriving With A Condition “Live” in Salem Oregon Jan. 13, 2017 6:30pm

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