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The Bridge: A chilly night warmed by great Mexican food! 0

A Chilly Night Under the Bridge

Serving with The Keller Williams Gysin group and the WipGirl Crew.

The bridge will be a little on the chilly side tonight, but my steaming hot Mexican food is bound to warm some folks up. It’s going to be a hopping “fiesta” in the WipGirl kitchen today.

Here’s the menu for tonight @5pm sharp:

Tacos! (with all the fixings)
Taco Soup
Hot Dogs
Spanish Rice
Seasoned buttery carrots

It’s going to be an “all you can eat” night!

As a side note.

We have been blessed with the Keller Williams Gysin Group – Greg and Judy Gysin, Sarie, and Aldo. They have come out to the bridge with water, lights, tarps, and smiles that just won’t leave their faces. Yet, since they have started coming…In the last few weeks, driving through Salem – I have noticed all of the “Gysin tarps” have been an absolute LIFE SAVER! You can see these tarps all around downtown Salem. People are surviving these cold wet nights because of the tarps, and food, and love that is brought to the bridge.

It is mind blowing to know that the gift of a table and $$ (Julie Moore), the gift of cases of water and $$ (Jolie Pollman), the gift of baked potatoes (Carol Moe), the gift of cookies (Bobbie Brown), the gift of aluminum foil and a pot to cook in and $$ (Brent Brimhall and Mom), the wonderful apples from (Angelica Glassey and Cori Glassey), awesome soaps and cups (Julie Van Horn-Jones), and all the time and $$ Dorothy, Gracie, Kyle, Isrreal, Norma C. Delgado, Terrie Rueda, Dorothy Ortiz, my husband Jim, Nick and the girls, and all the other volunteers (Sora, Abbey, Mario) and so many others have given. In addition to all the donations that we have received this year from my online supporters Kimberly Cutler, Cynthia Kloeter, Nattaya Wells, Teri Schudel, Susan Casdorph, and my wonderful neighbor Darrel Beam. [and this is just a smidgeon of what took place throughout the year!]

Isn’t it completely obvious why my cup is running over all the time. I mean, I’m just a “runny mess” these days!!! (I simply can’t contain the love, so it just spills out all over everyone – isn’t that wonderful!!)

To all of our supporters – we love you and we thank you!

As you can see, my little adventure of showing up under the bridge 3 years ago with a tater tot casserole has definitely grown into a living breathing miracle.

Thank you to all of our supporters! No matter how much time we spend together, once a year or every month, you enhance my life.

Dan Sheets – you’re such an inspiration. You walk the walk my friend, you’re down there 3 nights a week – and I THANK YOU!

If you are looking for a place to spread the love and would like to support our efforts. Donating is easy. Click the link and feed a belly!

Peace and love,

Jennifer Montgomery

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